Citizenship Program

Citizenship by Investment


With the Citizenship by investments program (CIPs) an individual and their families are legally granted a second citizenship in exchange for a financial contribution to the host country’s economy that comes with benefits and business opportunities.
Our team of specialist offer solutions to ensure our clients select the best citizenship program that meets their requirements.

Caribbean Citizenship

Caribbean citizenship provides visa-free travel to as many as 155 nations. With lovely beaches, mountains, all year-round sunshine and rich cultures. The Programs are some of the best-established and most trusted investment schemes for investors from all over the world.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

The lush tropical islands of Antigua and Barbuda is an inviting paradise and considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Passport holders enjoy Visa free travel to 150 countries and application process is within 90 days

Dominica Citizenship

Dominica runs one of the world’s most reputable Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Programs and Dominica is known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean due to its unspoiled natural beauty.
Dominican Citizen have access to travel visa- free to 140 countries and application process under 90 days.

Grenada Citizenship

Grenada is one of the most magnificent islands in the West Indies and known as the ‘Isle of Spice. In 2013 the Citizenship by investment in Grenada was re- launched and restructured with access to travel Visa free to China and 142 countries. It takes 120 days to process the application

St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

St Kitts and Nevis composed of two island with its beaches, scenery and a warm, sunny climate, that has become a preferred destination for tourist.
It offers visa free travel to 154 countries and application process within 60 days.

St Lucia Citizenship

St Lucia has the newest citizenship by investment programme in the Caribbean it launched in 2016.
Citizens can travel visa free to 145 countries and application process is in 3 months.

Vanuatu Citizenship (Pacific)

Vanuatu it is the fastest route to alternative citizenship-by-investment acquisition.
Passport holder can travel visa free to 130 countries and application process is within 30 days

European Citizenship

European Citizenship provides visa-free travel to as many as 170 nations and the right of reside in any of the 28 Schengen States. Investor’s benefit from political and financial stability, and greater freedom to travel throughout the Schengen Area.

Cyprus Citizenship

Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate with long dry summers.
It is also one of European countries that offer a citizenship by investment that allows high net-worth individuals and their families.
Citizens can travel to 174 countries visa free and 180 days application process.

Malta Citizenship

Malta is a combination of beautiful islands, laidback lifestyle, proximity to the sea and 300 days of sunshine making it an extremely appealing location.
Citizens enjoy visa free access to 183 countries and become a European citizen in 18 months.

Moldova Citizenship

Moldova has recently launched a new Citizenship-by- Investment Program (CIP) with the aim of attracting foreign investors and their capital.
Visa free to 120 countries and low cost of living

Montenegro Citizenship

Montenegro is a country with breathtaking scenery, distinctive landscapes and some of the most beautiful coastline in the Mediterranean.
Travel visa free to 122 countries and citizenship granted in 6 months.

Turkey Citizenship

A large part of Turkey’s charm lies in its architectural landmarks; impressive classical cities and fortresses located on hilltops and also bridge connecting East and West
Visa free travel to 111 countries and citizenship is granted in 5 months