Grenada, known as the ‘Isle of Spice,’ is a sovereign state consisting of seven islands in the southeastern Caribbean. Grenada is one of the most magnificent islands in the West Indies with its wildly jagged mountain peaks, hidden coves, spice plantations, and lush verdant rainforests. Its beaches are idyllic, with white or golden sand and palm trees.

In 2013 the Citizenship by investment in Grenada was re- launched and restructured with access to travel Visa free to China, UK, Singapore, Schengen areas and 142 countries. It is the only Caribbean country with visa free access to china. It also has an E-2 treaty (investor visa) with the USA meaning Grenadian citizens can reside and work in USA, through investments in USA. Making Grenada a favourite investment route for high net worth investors.


•Capital: St George’s

•Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)

•Languages: English (official)  French patois

•Population: 108,132 (UN estimate, 2008)

•Time zone: EST+ 1 (GMT – 4:00)

•Area,: 344 km2 (133 sq. miles)


•Visa free travel to 142 countries and territories

•Travel to china Uk Singapore, Schengen

•Add-on of Spouse , dependent children under 30

•Addition of  siblings of main applicant and dependent parents

•Can reside in USA with E-2 Investor visa

•Citizenship can be passed to future generations

•Dual citizenship permitted
no tax on income made worldwide

•No required stay


1. Donation

•To Grenada’s National Transformation Fund

•Single Applicant: US$150,000

•Applicant + Spouse: US$200,000

•Applicant + Spouse + 2 Children: US$200,000

2. Real Estate

•Investment starting from US$220,000 in a government approved  property development


•Be of exceptional character.

•Hold no criminal record.

•Have excellent health.

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