The UK is a diverse and multicultural society with exceptional global links. An Investor visa is the first step towards Uk permanent Residence and ultimately Uk citizenship. The Uk investor visa entitles you to passport-free travel throughout the Common Travel Area (CTA) of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Being granted residency status in the UK gives you access to a world of exclusive benefits, including: a multicultural society; a superior standard of education; a broad network of state and private schools; more than 150 universities and higher education institutions; and one of the best free medical care services in the world.

The UK is one of the best connected countries on the planet and its capital city, London, is a cultural phenomenon that attracts citizens of virtually every nation on Earth to live, trade and create.

 The UK’s financial, commercial and cultural reach is unparalleled. It has an attractive tax regime, and provides a safe investment environment.
Although it is leaving the EU after more than four decades of membership, there’s no reason to believe that the UK’s influence in the world will wane.

Certainly, the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit and high standards of education and governance are set to stay as the nation looks towards a broad-based, global future.

The Investor Visa Program has no English language requirement at the initial stage of application, and opens a path to Permanent Residence in as little as two years, and UK Citizenship in as little as five.


•Capital city: London

•Languages: English

•Visa free countries: 5 (UK & Republic of Ireland)

•Currency: Pound Sterling £

•Total area: 242,495 km²

•Population: 65 million (2017)

•Nearest country: France

•Time zone: Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)


•Visa-free travel throughout the UK & CTA

•Applications processed in as little as 24 hours

•180 days minimum presence requirement

•High standards of living

•Free medical care

•Superior standards of education

•150 universities & higher education institutions

•A multicultural, liberal society

•Major financial, commercial and cultural hub

•Ideally located for international business

•Attractive tax regimes


Applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

Immigrant Investor

The program allows applicants to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (permanent residency) & requires significant investment into UK corporate bonds, UK shares, or pooled investments into UK governments backed funds. 

Investment Options:

•Investment of £2 million (ILR after 5 years)


•Investment of £5 million (ILR after 3 years)


•Investment of £10 million (ILR after 2 years)


Applicants must be able to:

•Maintain themselves and any dependants without employment.

•Accommodate themselves and any dependants without employment.

•Make the UK their main home.

•Spend 50% of their time in the UK.

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