The Government of St Lucia has further amended its Citizenship-by-Investment Act to enhance the attractiveness of the programme.

Specifically, they have altered the definition of dependants and subsequently expanded the scope of who will qualify on an application. Children who are 21 years of age and younger are automatically considered as dependants.

Children between 21 and 30 years of age may be included in an application as long as they are “fully supported by the applicant”. As such, they no longer need to be enrolled in a post-secondary school in order to qualify as a dependant but do need to be fully supported by the applicant.

Further, they have reduced the minimum age for dependant parents to qualify by 10 years. Now, the parents of the applicant or of his or her spouse who are above 55 years of age and who are fully supported by the applicant will also be considered as dependants.

Lastly, an unmarried sister or brother of the applicant who is below eighteen years of age and who has received the consent of his or her parent or guardian to make an application for citizenship by investment can now be included with their siblings’ application.

By expanding their definition of dependants the St Lucia government has positioned its Citizenship-by-Investment Programme to be amongst the most attractive in the Caribbean. These changes come on the heels of the previous revisions that we outlined here that included the introduction of the Covid-19 Relief Bond option and the revised family pricing.

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